Yes, It IS Okay to Publish Content for Content’s Sake

Content Generator

The digital marketing industry has begun shifting away from the practice of “publishing content for content’s sake”. Starting around 2008 or 2009 marketers began advocating the practice of publishing something every day, no matter how insignificant it seemed. By 2010 that had morphed into “publish as much content as you possibly can about every keyword […]

How to Recognize Pseudoscientific Claims by Search Marketers

Sciency arketing

Web marketers often draw upon specious, flaky, and outright kooky fake science to support their egregious marketing claims. The average business owner, when approached by marketers or searching for marketing help, is often at a severe disadvantage when it comes to analyzing the outrageous explanations that search marketing consultants and agencies use to bamboozle people […]

How to Promote a Backyard Business on the Web

Backyard Business Contractor

If you are doing contract work on the weekends or in evening hours and you’re not sure how you can compete for business on the Internet, here are a few suggestions for you. Until you can establish a brick-and-mortar business address it will be difficult to get your Website into some of the better business […]

Google Takes Aim at Low Quality Guest Blogs


The search engine optimization community has now become aware of a recent change in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. According to Google’s “Little or No Original Content” page now includes “low-quality guest blog posts” among the examples of types of content that may result in a Website being banned or penalized in the Google search index. […]